Brose Jam 2018 | June 23rd



General Rules: 

1.      General Hours of operation are from 1 pm to 11 am unless otherwise posted.

2.      Enter at your own risk

3.      Do not litter

4.      we are not responsible for lost or stolen items/equipment 

5.      No motorized vehicles permitted outside the parking area, with the exemption of wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

6.      No Glass

7.      No drugs

8.      No drinking & driving (O.P.P Ride Program in place)

9.      Do not feed cows

10.  Dog friendly! but must be leashed at all times

11.  No Swimming in wake pools

12.  Spectators to remain outside of the designated bike/wake/moto areas.

13. No tents or large umbrellas in the event area. 

14. Access beach via the designated path, do not walk down the road



Bike Rules:

1.      All riders must sign a waiver.

2.      Helmet mandatory. Gloves,elbow and knee pads recommended.

3.      5yrs+ to ride.

4.      Riders under the age of 12 are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

5.      Utilize the sections within your abilities and be cautious of other riders.

6.      Max 5 riders on roll-ins

7.      Always make sure the course is clear before entry.

8.      Make sure your bike is running properly 

9.      Park closes at 8pm

10.  No drinking

11.  No drugs

12.  No spectators in bike areas 

13.  Allow section closure for park staff to perform maintenance when needed



Wake Rules: (for around the pools for the crowd)


1.      Keep out of the pools for your safety

2.      pools are only for show

3.      Only our wake team to access wake area

4.      Please do not cross in front of the cable

5.      Off access to all after 8 pm



Skate Rules: (posted next to the mini ramp and at front gate)


1.      All riders must sign wavier.

2.      Helmets mandatory. (SM, MED & LRG community helmets provided)

3.      Shoes mandatory 

4.      5yrs+ to ride

5.      Riders under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

6.      Ramp closes at 8 pm 

7.      No drinking 

8.      No drugs

9.      No bikes 


*Not following rules will result in loss of facility use privileges.


**The Brose Farm Ltd. personnel and/or the Police Department reserves the right to eject patrons from the facility for reasons of safety or rule violations.