Never been to The Farm before?  

Well, let us give you a little rundown of who and what we are…

The Brose Farm is a beautiful plot of multi-generational field and forest that has evolved into something quite distinctive.  Over the years we piled the soil and framed structures that have resulted in a top-notch BMX/MTB dirt course, which includes dirt jumps, wall rides, quarter pipes, and half pipes. In the beginning, unknowing passers-by thought it was no more than a couple of poorly built vegetable stands and a horticultural experiment gone totally amiss, but with time people began to understand the bigger picture.  

The bigger picture is that The Brose Farm is more than just a place a couple of kids who built some jumps in their curious youth, this place is about community, it’s about collectively working together, and most importantly it’s about family.  Whether you were born here or just visiting for the weekend, you are embraced into a much larger collective - The Brose Farm family.  This is why our events are so important to us.


The Brose Farm – Be Awesome.



Photo: John Rathwell | @searchingforsero 

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